Google Analytics Importance in SEO

January 18, 2012
For many years, I have met with businesses and reviewed their websites. Almost 90% of them have yet to know what client or who visits their website. Why build a face of their business online when they do not even care to know about their customers and where they are coming form. Do they even […]

Fruits Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

April 18, 2011
I went for lunch the other day at a sandwich place called Healthy Choices near Tinseltown Vancouver, BC. Inside their store was a very interesting bulletin board with health conscious facts about fruits. I hope you enjoy this tidbit of nutritional benefit & facts about fruits as much as I did.

Anney Ha

February 13, 2011
Welcome to my blog. This website is currently under construction please come back shortly for more updates. Thank you. Anney Ha is a professional Internet Marketing Consultant, Search Engine Marketing Specialist (SEM),¬† Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist, experienced Project Manager, and SEO Web Designer located in Vancouver, BC Canada. She¬†provides website marketing suggestions for many […]