Is SEO for videos important? Yes! Here are some tips

When it comes to SEO, the first things that comes to our mind are usually texts or blog posts, right? But think about this: whenever you search for something on Google, you will notice that there are also videos related to the subject among the first results. And how did they get there? Well, just like a blog post – it’s a combination of good content with good SEO techniques.

Videos are a trend right now, but also they are here to stay. And it takes a lot of work to have a good performance on the search engines, YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion. But how does SEO for videos work? What are the necessary steps?

How does SEO work for videos?

The first things we usually think about are the keywords. In a blog post, they are distributed in the text and identified by search engines when they are indexing the content.

But the truth is that this is only a fraction of the SEO techniques, even when it comes to written content. There are still several other techniques that are part of the optimization process. In the case of the videos, the keywords are still there, only in a different way. And they also represent only a portion of the work.

Of course, it’s always important to remember that certain rules apply to any type of content. There’s no use in doing the best possible optimization strategy if you don’t have a good content. And who will rank your videos? Search engines and video sites – like Youtube and Vimeo. Each one has its own classification criteria, which you should watch out for.

SEO Techniques for Videos

  1. Remember that every element on your channel – on YouTube or other hosting sites – counts. That is: think about the layout as a whole, standardize the visual identity, create playlists that make navigation easier.
  1. Be creative about the titles – it’s important that it draws the attention of your target audience, but also it should tell search engines what that content is, so it’s easier to crawl it. So avoid very mysterious or vague titles.
  1. Do not forget the description of the videos! The information box just below the exhibition area is a fairly noble area that is often overlooked. This description is important because it’s a way for YouTube to understand what that video is about – and so recommend it to other users who may have an interest in the subject.
  1. Do not forget to include the tags in the specific tag field. In videos, they’re just as important as in written content – and can get more visitors to your channel.
  1. Always be aware of the new features proposed by the platforms. YouTube, for example, is always testing new tools such as making posts without video or even stories.

What are the benefits?

In short, investing in SEO for videos is something that will help increase organic traffic to your channel and promote engagement among viewers. You can also bring audiences to your website or other communication channels.

If you have more questions about SEO optimization for videos, feel free to contact me at [email protected], your Vancouver SEO Consultant.