5 easy tips to optimize your content through SEO strategies

We all know the importance of the SEO strategies to optimize content, right? After all, creating a blog today is easy, writing is easy, publishing a post is easy… But how can you get people to read your posts? How to get a good spot in Google? There are a lot of tips, hacks and strategies to accomplish that, but let’s focus on these five to start:

Pay attention to technical issues

Unless you have technical knowledge, you will probably need professional help of a blog/site developer here. You can know everything about SEO but still not get organic readers from Google. Check for problems like broken links, bad redirects and page speed – this is very important!

Your site should be responsive!

Today, most of the online traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. According to a The Statistics Portal – Statista research, in the fourth quarter of 2018, 47,2% of global web traffic came from mobile devices. The percentage was 38,45% in the period of 2015. So YES, it is also very important that everyone get to have a nice reading experience when reaching your blog or site – in a computer, a tablet or a mobile device.

Relevant content

Of course you need to know how to choose good key-words and key-phrases. But you also need to provide good content to the readers. When thinking about ideas for your blog posts, think in which category you could put it: answer a question, provide a numbered list (like a checklist) or teach something (tutorial/guide).

Don’t forget link building

The more you link and get linked (from relevant sites, of course), the more you benefit from it! The Google site crawlers system works a little bit like the academic system – the more you get referenced, more trustworthy you are. 

Share your post

Use social media in your favor. Today, there are tons of information everywhere – this is an easy way to get your information to reach more people.