Vancouver Website Design Service

Anney Ha makes professional websites that are professional and easy to use on all devices. While most web design services solely emphasize on aesthetics and looks, Anney Ha takes it a step further and designs your website with the goal of converting users into customers. To ensure a seamless user experience, websites designed by Anney Ha makes sure:

  • Each page has a clear introduction that captures attention, expanded content section for interested readers, and call to action buttons to get users to buy or inquire
  • Users can seamlessly navigate between detail and overview pages
  • From any page, users can conveniently buy or inquire about the product or service

Anney Ha offers the following web design services:

  • Design of entire websites
  • Landing page design
  • Website refresh or facelift

Stand Out from Your Competition with Anney Ha’s Website Design Services

Anney Ha proudly employs a qualified website designers to offer their valued Vancouver customers comprehensive website design and content writing services. Today’s businesses require their websites to be more than just a pretty face. We believe each website needs to be a unique reflection of each business’ style and content and must also be visually appealing for each visitor. But good looks alone won’t get your more customers. The website must be easy to use, have proper placement for title, introductory text and visual cues so it is intuitive and easy to use.

What’s Involved in Building My Website?

Developing the ideal website is like creating a masterpiece. Much care, thought, and planning goes into the process with no stone left unturned when it comes to optimizing the site to improve user experience and traffic. Anney Ha welcomes the involvement of our valued clients in each step of the website design process to ensure the final product meets their vision precisely.

Before we begin a website build, we schedule a consultation with the key stakeholders of each company to establish a dialogue to help provide guidance as to design, functionality, style, and objectives each business hopes to obtain from their website development.

Design Overhaul for Your Vancouver Business Website

Already have a website that just needs a little updating? Not a problem. The professional web development team at Anney Ha specializes in website refreshes with an eye to updating the look, feel, and overall functionality of existing web portals.

A website refresh is where we take an existing website with existing content and layout, and combine it with a newly redesigned theme to give it a more modern look and address any user interface issues.

Anney Ha excels at assisting Vancouver businesses with building websites that are not only professional and eye-catching, but that are also optimized to attract and retain customers. Available at affordable rates, our Vancouver website design services are sure to bring attention to your business without breaking your bottom line.

Mobile Responsive Design of Your Vancouver Business Website

If you have a website but it is not mobile responsive (meaning a mobile version of the website easily usable on a smartphone), then you should consider designing and coding a mobile version on your website.

Users are increasingly on mobile: Users on mobile has recently outnumbered users on PC.

Google’s new “mobile-first” policy: Google recently announced a “mobile-first” indexing policy, where Google has started to use the mobile version of a website by default for crawling, indexes and ranking.

In short, if your website does not have a mobile version, you should get one. Otherwise you are missing out.

Is your website drawing the traffic it should be for your Vancouver business?

Contact the professional web design team at Anney Ha now to learn more about our web development services.