Friendly URL: one of the simplest ways to improve your ranking

The maxim “what counts is the first impression” is a reality in the digital environment. A friendly URL is good for Google and good for the user - and the goal of any website or blog is to be easily found. An organized and “clean” address is one of the first lessons in SEO and a fundamental condition for good Digital Marketing practices.

Why is it important to use digital marketing practices in your e-commerce?

If you have or if you want to have an e-commerce, you probably know that it's not easy to perform well in sales all the time. How to be seen in the midst of so much competition? How to make room in the ocean of the internet? One of the essential tools for any online business is digital marketing.

Website design, hosting & SEO in Vancouver: get the full package

If you are reading this post, chances are you already know the importance of having a digital marketing strategy to grow your business. This includes, of course, a website with an effective layout (which is beautiful, clear, objective and, most importantly, responsive - so that it can be accessed on both desktop and mobile); the hosting on a server that ensures that your page is always up and running; and finally, having a good SEO strategy that attracts customers who are looking for the product or service that you offer.