Vancouver Website Hosting Service

Anney SEO Marketing Consulting Company offers web hosting especially customized for small businesses. The hosting service is:

  • Fast – proprietary LiteSpeed web server with special configurations so your website loads fast
  • Secure – complementary SSL certificates, multiple level of security to protect your website from hackers
  • Comprehensive – automated backups to multiple locations, email hosting, ddos protection, all in one

Hosting Packages

  • $30/mo – Basic hosting: SSL, hosting, security, backup, server updates, 24/7 monitoring – we will ensure website runs properly
  • $50/mo – Full service hosting: Basic hosting + 1 hour labour to upload new content / blog posts / pages or work on other issues as needed by company
  • No long term contracts

Why is Anney Ha’s hosting services right for your business?

Complete business hosting solution: We provide professional, fully managed hosting perfectly tailored for small medium businesses. Our hosting service offers speed, reliability and support at a highly reasonable price. In addition, we offer FREE migration and backups, plus our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Worry-Free Support to Save you time: Our hosting service is fully managed to save you from the hassle from understanding and dealing with technical issues. Our team of experts understand small business websites and WordPress very well and can address technical issues in a promptly matter. Let us worry about hosting so you can focus on growing your business.

Under the Hood

  • Fully Managed
  • 2GB space for website, 5GB email, 20 GB transfer per month
  • Powered by LiteSpeed Webserver
  • SSD Hard Drive
  • Free Migrations
  • Linux stack
  • Complementary DDOS protection
  • Free offsite backup once per week minimum
  • cPanel hosting administration panel

Questions to Ask When Deciding on Hosting for Your Company

With so many options and choices for hosting, it can be very overwhelming when you are trying to pick the right hosting service. Below is a quick guide on what every business owner should know when picking the right host.

Space and Transfer Capacity

Most small business websites uses less than 1GB of space, unless it is also storing are a large library of movies, images or other large files. When picking a web hosting company for your business, make sure there is enough space and transfer capacity. But don’t rank hosts just by these numbers. A host that offers 500GB or unlimited space is not better than one that offers 5GB as there are many other considerations.

What Kind of Support is Provided When Things Go Wrong?

Hosts can be categorized into three buckets, ranking from the least support to the most comprehensive support:

  • Unmanaged: The hosting company provides the hardware, an internet line, and a basic installation of an operating system. The customer is responsible for maintaining the software systems afterwards. This is only suitable for businesses with in-house staff that specializes in server management.
  • Managed Hosting Environment: This is the most common hosting offering out there in the market. The hosting company updates the server system for you and troubleshoot any server-related issues. However, any issue with website code you put on the server is considered out of scope for their support.
  • End-to-End Application Support: In addition to the above, end-to-end support includes supporting the website code to ensure your website works. Our service will include troubleshooting of your website application code to understand why errors or problems occur, and suggest a fix. This is the most comprehensive service out of the three, and is what Anney Ha offers.

Ready to get reliable hosting equipped to meet the online needs of your Vancouver business?

Let the Anney Ha team host your website so you get a peace of mind while your business grow! Contact us now to learn more about our hosting plans and how we can assist you!