Vancouver Link Building Services

Anney Ha offers link building as a standalone service where we will place links to your website or specific pages of your website on other websites with the purpose of boosting Google rankings. Anney Ha employs only “whitehat” techniques (practices that adheres to Google’s guidelines), so that the positive effects of the links are long lasting and your website will not be penalized by Google.

How Link Building Improves Your Vancouver Business’ Google Ranking?

The number and the quality of websites linking to your website is a major factor in how Google decides on your website’s rankings. More is definitely better, but the links must be of high quality. Anney Ha is here to help you build links from websites that have high domain authority and are trusted by Google. To stand apart from the crowd and receive the coveted Google first page placement all companies desire, Vancouver businesses need link building services to help them establish brand and business authority.

Link building services are an integral part of any SEO strategy. Anney Ha has made it their highest priority to help Vancouver businesses improve their Google ranking by strategic link building which includes earned organic links and correct backlink placement. We apply a singularity of focus to assisting our valued customers with improving brand visibility and attracting the right audience to drive online traffic and sales forward.

How Does Link Building Work?

Anney Ha has a team of professional SEO specialists who have made it their business to understand the ideal Google SEO model to promote improved rankings and generate higher traffic volumes. Their dedication to learning has equipped them with the following insights regarding Google’s metrics for first page placement:

  • A strong backlink index
  • A prominent trail of high quality and trustworthy content
  • The use of long-tail keywords

Anney Ha’s link building services center on providing our valued clients with the correct backlinking strategies to align themselves with content that hits the three main criteria points that Google is searching for: expert, authoritative, and trustworthy. We help our clients achieve a healthy linking profile to attract the attention of prominent search engines and increase interest in their website.

But not all links are created equally. There are certain types of external links which are more beneficial in the race to achieve a Google first page ranking. That is why a carefully crafted link building strategy is key. This is where a partnership with Anney Ha is beneficial for Vancouver businesses.

Among the types of links that are advantageous to Vancouver businesses seeking to improve their Google ratings and overall online traffic are:

  • Links that promote similar products and services
  • Specific and appropriate anchor text
  • Links known for qualified traffic referral

How can Anney Ha’s Link Building Services Help You?

Many businesses fall into the trap of trying to attempt link building on their own. Link building is a very time consuming task that will not yield much results if not done properly. Anney Ha’s link building has been proven to consistently place client websites to the first page of Google.

Our Vancouver link building services place a high priority on helping our customers build website content by employing the following strategies:

  • Maintaining high quality blog posts
  • Increasing the volume of authoritative content
  • Employing strategic backlinks
  • Improving external link placement
  • Attaining more earned links to trustworthy and relevant content

Is your Vancouver business primed for Google first page status?

Find out what Anney Ha’s link building services can do for you! Contact our office now at 604 723 7156 or [email protected].