“Highly Cited Content” Label: How to Stand Out with Google’s New Update Through SEO

In April, Google announced that it will add a label for “highly cited content” to search results. The aim is to highlight the most reliable original sources. According to the company, the novelty aims to help readers find “the most useful or relevant information for a news story”. But how can this update impact companies, marketers and SEO specialists? Let's find out in this article.

SEO for YouTube: Learn How to Do It in 5 Easy Steps

November 5, 2021
If you have a business and are thinking of enhancing your digital marketing strategy beyond your own website, YouTube can be a great tool. YouTube is today the second largest search engine in the world, losing only to Google (which by the way owns YouTube). That's why, if you do a Google search, for example, YouTube videos are often among the results provided. Have you noticed? This is because, in addition to those videos being linked to the topic of your research, they also have good SEO practices.