Storytelling as SEO tool for businesses

There is a lot of talk about SEO techniques. Usually, focusing on techniques you’ve probably heard and read a lot. Many of these techniques have already been talked about in previous posts here. This goes from choosing a good title and keywords in a blog post or page to link building and etc.

All of this, however, is part of the writing stuff for those who work with content production and online marketing (in any area!). With that mastered, it’s important to take it one step further. This means looking for attractive ways to captivate the public and thus unite these two pillars: to be well ranked in Google searches and to really get that potential customer that somehow reached your page.

The power of

There is, today, an overdose of information and online
content – on websites, blogs and, of course, social networks. According to recent
data released by Forbes, in just one minute about one million logins are made
on Facebook; 4.5 million videos are watched on YouTube; 3.8 million searches
are done on Google and almost 350,000 posts are seen on Instagram. It is a lot!

So how do you draw the public’s attention to your
business or service? Storytelling! The answer is simple, but the practice, not
so much. Thinking about this, here are some practical tips that can help you
produce content that the audience identifies with. And, thereby, it’s easier to
reach them. To begin with, think about the message you would like to pass and
on different ways of passing it. Who would be the characters in this story and
what would the beginning, middle and end be like?

Get inspired!

A very interesting example of storytelling used by a
company is the area called Community Stories of the Airbnb website. Airbnb is a company whose goal
is to get people to register their homes for short  or medium-term rentals or to offer people the
opportunity to rent these rooms, houses and apartments on a trip. Or, of
course, both!

Instead of announcing the services just as an easy way
to rent an apartment for a few days or weeks, they chose to make their
potential clients want an Airbnb property to feel like locals in the cities
they are visiting. See the difference?

And how to do this? Telling the stories of those who
actually live in those properties. All this in texts, videos and photos.
Stories from people around the world told in a simple but attractive way. More

We hope that the example serve as inspiration to tell good stories and make your brand reach the hearts of potential clients.