How does Google voice search work?

Much has been said about Google’s voice search. According to General Voice Search Statistics data, by 2020, 50 percent of all internet searches will be voice-based. Today, about 20 percent of searches made by a cell phone are via voice and about 60 percent of smartphone users have tried to do at least one voice search in the last 12 months. It is a resource whose use is growing and has a lot of potential. But for companies that have websites, blogs and channels on YouTube, how do you favor this growth in voice searches? In this post, we will delve a bit more into the subject.

What is voice search?

Basically, it’s a question a user asks Google via mobile. In general, longer and more complete sentences are used, unlike text search, where only keywords are usually inserted for easy typing. Google interprets the question and responds based on the context and content semantics – the meaning of the words. As a result, Google’s voice search now offers more comprehensive results based on the correct optimization of the sites.

And how can I optimize my site for voice search?

1. Get help from a programmer and/or a digital marketing professional! It’s important to know that there are some essential tools that can optimize your page and put it at the top of the searches, whether it’s text or voice – we’re talking about structured data. Structured data is basically the source code that the programmer uses to create the site in an organized way that makes sense to the Google robots. In this sense, when thinking about creating a website for your company, the best thing to do is to look for a digital marketing agency that counts on professionals qualified to carry out this type of work.

2. Sign up for Google My Business. This is a simple but very efficient measure. This is because people who use voice search tool usually are looking for a company or service in their neighborhood. So, if your company has a Google My Business registration, it has a high probability of being listed as a response to the user search.

3. We know that internet users who use Google voice search want quick and consistent answers, so nothing better and more efficient than your company to provide a question and answer section on the site to answer all questions and, consequently, streamline Google’s search process with a faster and more accurate result. In addition to user satisfaction in finding the answer to what he/she was looking for, the traffic increases and, in the same way, the ranking of your site on Google.

Overall, it’s not difficult to understand how Google voice search works, but this feature is still relatively new. Users are still adapting to it. Still, there is no doubt that this tool will grow more and more, and will be used by a large part of the population in the near future. So whoever is prepared for this before will do better.