Website Design Company Vancouver: the importance of a functional online page for your brand

If you work with digital marketing for business or you have your own brand, you may already know the importance of good web design for your site. Today, a brand’s website is often its business card to the world – it’s the first contact your prospects can have with your company. So, yes, a visually pleasing, functional website that provides all the information customers need is essential.

But it takes more than that – your site development also needs to be optmized so that your content and information rank well in Google searches. This means that If you have a law firm in Vancouver, for example, a well-designed website will lead potential customers that are searching for the service you offer to your page.

Design for your Vancouver business website

We have experience in developing websites that are professional and responsive – which means they adapt themselves well to all screen sizes and devices they are accessed from. Since the vast majority of Google searches are done via mobile today, it’s important that your potential customers visit your page and be able to quickly find the information they’re looking for.

Besides that, each page has a clear introduction that captures attention, expanded content section for interested readers, and call to action buttons to get users to buy or inquire. 

More than a pretty face

Much care, thought, and planning goes into the process of designing a good looking, optmized and responsive website. We welcome the involvement of our valued clients in each step of the website design process to ensure the final product meets their vision precisely. That’s why before we begin, we talk to the key stakeholders of each company to establish a dialogue to help provide guidance as to design, functionality, style, and objectives each business hopes to obtain from their final online page.

Also, if you already have a website but would like to update it – whether it’s a design or page functionality update – we can help you too. We can take a look in you existing content and layout and combine it with a newly redesigned theme to give it a modern and updated look. 

Mobile first

Since 2017 the number of google search via mobile has exceeded the number of searches made on personal computers. In addition, trends also indicate the exponential increase in voice searches. Therefore, your site must be prepared for these new search habbits. Google also recently announced a “mobile-first” indexing policy, where it has started to use the mobile version of a website by default for crawling, indexes and ranking. In short, if your website does not have a mobile version, you should get one. Otherwise you are missing out.

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