SEO Company Vancouver: how to get online results for your brand

With over seven years of digital marketing and SEO experience in Vancouver, we work on helping other companies with their online strategy. This includes a number of actions ranging from website analysis and improvement of the search engine rankings to providing clients with effective and up-to-date marketing strategy. Therefore, it is possible to improve their brand exposure – online and offline as well. 

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If you have a brand, it needs to have a strong online presence. Even – or better, especially – if you are looking for new clients in the Vancouver area, That’s because today this is the best way to reach customers and leads. Below are some of our strategies for strengthening your brand, website, and business.

SEO Consultant: if you have a fencing business in the Vancouver area, for example, you are quite likely to want your business to appear in the top positions among google results when a person searches for “Vancouver Fencing Company”, right? That’s why you need an SEO consultant that can you connect with consumers that are searching for a product or service that they need in that particular location. 

We can help you improve website rankings via Google search results, to include your company on applications such as Google Maps and other navigational tools, besides targeting within a specific geographical location. 

Link building: Have you heard about “building authority” on a given subject? This is important because the more your business site has quality content and is linked to other sites that also have relevant content published, the higher you go up the Google ranking. We can give you a booster in Google rankings. That’s because we employ only “whitehat” techniques (practices that adheres to Google’s guidelines), so that the positive effects of the links are long lasting and your website will not be penalized by Google.

Copywriting: as we said, business’ authority and reputation is established by the quality of the content they share online. So if you need help at crafting online content in a variety of styles to meet their client’s writing needs, we have a team specialized in copywriting. This includes social media posts, blog posts, articles, newsletters, press releases, website content, technical and creative writing. 

Website hosting: for your business to grow, your site must be hosted on a good server. This is what will ensure that the page is online and running smoothly all the time. Yes, it is a simple but prime factor – and one that is often ignored for lack of knowledge. We can offer you a complete hosting solution for small, medium and big companies. Our hosting serve offers speed, reliability and support at a highly reasonable price with free migration and backups. Also, if you don’t want to deal with technical difficulties we can offer you the worry-free support to save your time – this means that every little problem is fully managed by our team trained to solve technical issues.

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