Vancouver SEO Content Marketing Trends for 2020

year 2020 is finally here! Therefore, it is natural that we ask ourselves what
will be the next steps in the world of content marketing. The
user/lead/consumer will have more and more decisive participation, as the
videos continue on the rise. Among news and continuities, the sector will have
more and more depth in content, with quality being a priority.

have prepared a selection with some of the key trends that promise to become
fact this year. Some have already been tested and implemented by content
marketing companies, while others have everything to grow.

Consumer 4.0

4.0 is a technical profile that describes who brands currently target their
products and marketing actions. These people are demanding and want much more
than a good product or competitively priced.

has been the main starting point for companies that leverage user-generated
content to use in their strategy. The relationship is simple: through
campaigns, brands encourage the public to generate content, which can be text,
photos or video (or all together!), to later use them within a Content
Marketing strategy.

are some key advantages, such as increased engagement, which comes through
mobilizing to create and also by those who consume this content. The public
likes to participate and also interact with these materials.

Videos are on the rise

surveys have shown that 80% of consumers switch their basic text search to
video before making a purchase decision. Therefore, whether or not
complementary to blog posts, it is undeniable that one can not give up this
type of media in strategies.

visual appeal of the videos is strong and justifies the reason for this
increase in consumption. When it comes to products, videos that show usage and
functionality are a great idea for purchase decision content.

2020, brands should keep betting on this possibility.

Related Content

authority of a website is an important page ranking factor that Google imposes.
When thinking about Content Marketing, achieving this good rating is extremely
necessary and has been viewed strategically by companies increasingly. The best
way to achieve authority is to create complete funnels of content that can be

you have a website that aims to promote legal services, for example, it is most
appropriate for all of its posts to be directly related to each other. The
closer these posts are to different subjects, but within the same universe, the
better the overall context will be. Currently, algorithms do not only consider
a specific post to rank it, but in what reality it is included.

need to know the subject of your content really well, so you can create the
posts from this backbone.

And if you want to better your content strategy, be sure to talk to us – and, of course, stay tuned. We will present other content trends for 2020 soon.