Increase the visibility of your business with Google Maps

Marketing via Google Maps seeks to increase the visibility of local businesses through its search and geolocation services. In addition to strengthening outreach, promotion, and customer relationship strategies, Google Maps ranks high in local searches, making it a powerful SEO tool.

According to Google’s own statistics, 76% of online searches performed on smartphones are focused on local services. This makes clear that if you have a local business and it’s not on Google Maps, you just don’t exist. On the other hand, registering is easy and it can help to improve your brand and your business. Check out the following tips.

How Google Maps Works

Search engines are the new city catalogs and it is through them that consumers find all kinds of solutions they need in their region, whether it’s medical care or a meal. People are literally driven by their smartphones to the nearest and highest rated service.

Google Maps Marketing, or Marketing on Google Maps, is the section of Digital Marketing that focuses on Google’s geolocation services. Beyond entering the local business address on the map, their strategies involve promotion, advertising, and customer relations.

All address management is handled from Google My Business, Google’s free tool designed to serve local businesses and to help them promote their brands, products and services.

In addition to the fact that Google Maps is the most widely used geolocation service in the world, many other applications, such as Waze and Facebook, use it on their platforms. Best of all, you pay nothing to have your company’s name shown.

Main benefits

Even if you’re starting out on the internet and you don’t have a website or social media communication strategy, Google Maps allows you to have a quality online presence at zero cost. In addition, owners can interact with potential clients and collect valuable information to enhance other future marketing actions.

Good registration

As we mentioned, to appear in Google Maps searches, you need to sign up at Google My Business page. Fill out the maximum information required in the registration in a complete and specific way. Also use keywords that match your target audience searches. Up-to-date and quality images can help you a lot as well. If you run a hotel, for example, it is interesting to insert photos of the rooms. As for a restaurant, you can benefit from displaying images of the most ordered dishes, the menu or even the prices.

After that, with your profile already online, you can also ask customers to rate the property on Google itself, which greatly helps to apply business visibility.

Now you know how to get started with your Google Maps Marketing strategy. Be aware, however, that there are many other practices that can help your business stand out in online searches. Keep an eye over here and check out other posts to stay updated on the subject.