Tips on How to Get Higher Local Map Ranking in Google Maps.

Tips on Showing Up on First 3 Positions on the Map.

Tip 1 – ask all your customers for a review. Maximize your review opportunities. 12% of customers will write a review when asked.

Tip 2 – make it easy to leave a review. Send them the exact url link on writing a review on your google business listing.

Tip 3 – personalize your review request. Give specific direction to customer as to what type of service they had, when was the service, how did they like the service, location of service, try to use keywords in reviews, and personalize the review request. Why? this increases engagement and likelihood of getting a review. Develops trust and grows the relationship. Lastly it shows you’re paying attention.

Tip 4 – mentioning a review before the request is sent. Why? mentioning the review before sending a request gets the customer thinking about leaving a review and mentally prepares them to leave one.

Tip 5 – give them a way to contact you directly. Why? it shows you’re open to feedback and truly care about the experience of your customers. It gives the customer an opportunity to provide feedback in a safe environment.

Tip 6 – respond to all of your reviews. Why? shows transparency and trust. Could lead to an updated review/rating. Allows you to defend your case to people reading the review.

Tip 7 – Use automation. When a customer buys, send out the reviews link on thank you form.

Tip 8 – use your reviews as marketing material. A glowing positive review is a marketing Gold post. Post on your website, social media, brochures/posters…etc.