SEO Copywriting Vancouver: step by step to boost traffic to your page

SEO Copywriting Vancouver is nothing more than a set of techniques that allow the content you produce to be better ranked by search engines. The concept is to allow your writing, in addition to being qualified for the reader, to also generate a better positioning on the web, bringing more traffic and results. In this post, we will cover some good practices that can help your text be found more quickly by those looking for your product or service in Google searches.

Create eye-catching headlines for your posts

Imagine the sequence of actions of a user when searching for content on the internet. He has a question or a curiosity and then does a search on Google using some keywords. The results will always highlight the title of that post, that is, it is from there that the user’s interest in your content will begin.

The more attractive the title of the post, the greater the chances of the user clicking to read that particular content. Achieving good results is easier if you take these paths:

  • use questions (“How do I get a job in Vancouver?”);
  • make lists (“The 10 most protein-rich foods”);
  • pique interest by showing the value of the content (“SEO: check out a complete guide on how to optimize pages for search engines”).

Use meta description

In addition to the title, there is a second category that also helps the user to understand the relevance of a content: the meta description. Have you noticed that two-line text below the main title of the content when you see the search results? In addition to being important to the user, it is also one of the most important ranking parameters.

In this field, the ideal is that you, using the keyword of the content, detail a little more about what your post will talk about. A good example, using the title “How to get a job in Canada?”, Would be like this: “The dream of living and working in Canada is possible. Find out how to apply for your Canadian visa and what are the first steps to start your life in the country. ”

Create relevant content

As much as there are many SEO tips and other details that help to build accurate content for the web, in terms of capturing traffic, quality should be the priority.

A text written with good techniques is able to attract a reader, but if it is not really good, it is difficult to get engagement.

Explore the keyword in a natural way

Many content producers end up plastering their work when they are excessively attached to the need to comply with the insertion of keywords. They are very relevant, but they cannot become an obsession. The ideal is to know how to work these keywords so that the reader does not even realize that there was an intention to highlight that term in some way.

Learn to please algorithms and people

Whoever writes for the web needs to know: it is necessary to please algorithms and also people. SEO Copywriting is nothing more than the implementation of the concept that reinforces this, showing how it is necessary to write in a qualified way for the target audience, but also in an optimized way for the web.

Only then is it possible to find that reader accurately and then generate value for him.

When you only look at the optimization part, the content will certainly be exposed to the risk of being artificial, with a little understanding language and forced in some points.

Above all, it is important that it communicates well with the reader. SEO Copywriting is the step that will make you ready to rank well and be found by the searcher.

And if you want to better your content strategy, be sure to talk to us – and, of course, stay tuned. We will present other content trends for 2020 soon.