Google Ads vs. SEO: understand the differences of each strategy

A very common question among business owners is how to get more visits to a website or blog. And among the main forms to increase this online traffic are: to use Google Ads and to use techniques to appear well positioned in Google searches, such as the SEO strategies that we talk a lot about in our blog here.

These are the two most common ways that people use to increase results and profits; and therefore, the one better always arises. So, if you have doubts about which one is right for you, read this post carefully to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Google Ads

When you search for something on Google, several website options appear in your search results, right? Among them are organic results, in which there is no financial investment in Google Ads, and paid results. In other words, the owner of that domain paid for his page, product or service to appear there. In general, sponsored results are the first ones – and they appear with an ad alert.

If you make an ad on Google Ads, every time someone clicks on your ad and goes to your site, you pay a fee. This is what we know as CPC – cost per click. That is, you will be paying for each visit you receive. Therefore, it is very important that you have an attractive and quality website or blog, especially if your focus is to sell some product or service.


SEO – search engine optimization, consists of a set of optimization techniques for blogs, websites and web pages. These optimizations aim to achieve good positions in the organic ranking, and as a result, more traffic to the site. There are no cost per click in organic ranking clicks by the user.

Many people often search for different topics on Google – and most of them just click on the results that appear on the first or second page. In summary strategies that involve SEO seek to place your website or page more and more in the top positions of Google results, in order to gain more visibility.

Which one should I invest in?

For those who have little time to get leads and drive traffic to a page, the best option is to invest money in Google Ads. It is possible to start with a moderate budget and evaluate the strategy gradually, but the results will be proportional to the amounts invested. That is, the more you invest, the more traffic you will have. This is also dependent on the industry and competition. As the more competitors on search, will need to invest more money in Google ads. As cost per click bidding will be higher.

The use of SEO techniques has as a main advantage, free of charge for those who already know how it works. Of course, we are not counting the investment of hiring a seo professional that can act on this front. In addition, having quality content will yield more lasting results that can come even years later. We are more talking about when you use SEO and when someone clicks on your organic search result listing in Google, then there is not cost per click associated with that visit. As organic search rankings have no charge per click by Google. SEO is more of a medium to long term investment and thus, a business will gain value in the long term.

In general, the two are very worthwhile. If you can use both, it’s better, since one completes the other. Advertising on Google Ads enables quick conversion, while SEO focuses more on the medium and long term and also in relevance. But it is important to mention that depending on your possibilities, such as your financial budget, project time and objective, focusing on just one of the strategies may be ideal for you.