SEO Copywriting: 5 tips for creating content that is optimized for Google

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SEO writing is nothing more than a term that describes the process of writing for search engines. It consists of using good practices so that the text is better classified by search engines like Google or Bing and, consequently, has more relevance and visibility to the public.

This is a writing process based on technical requirements, but it should not neglect the user’s reading experience. We must remember that the reader is the main target of the strategy, and he/she cannot feel cheated. When the text has a low level of information, often incompatible with the demands of the leads, it does not generate a “match” with the public’s desires, and this greatly undermines the site’s SEO strategy.

Therefore, when writing a text for your website or blog, consider these aspects:

Have a question and answer section

Think about your audience – what questions would they ask in the Google search field to reach you? Also, consider that people can ask the same questions, but using different terms and phrases. For Google’s search engine algorithms and relevance classifiers, the more information corresponding to the user’s search intentions is present on the page indexed or published by the advertiser, the better it will be ranked.

That is why a Q&A section is interesting – you will have the opportunity to rate yourself multiple times, with each question answered properly. So, search for the most common questions for your niche and write them with the most complete answers possible on the first page of your website. Try to keep this section very close to the reader’s visual field.

Write subtitles in question format

This tactic aims to demonstrate to readers and search engines that the content of the page has the answers to users’ questions. This automatically makes your page a plausible option for a good browsing experience.

How about using a question and answer tool to find common questioning options? Some solutions like Reddit, Answer the Public and Quora search the entire Web looking for possible questions for various topics.

Choose keywords appropriately

Keyword research related to your business is one of the most important steps in the SEO writing process. There are some tools that can help in this process, such as: Ubersuggest, Infinite Suggest, Seorch, Kparser, Google Suggest, Keywords Everywhere and others.

After choosing your keyword, use it in the text in a natural way, that is: the text needs to be fluid and easy to read. Don’t forget that it needs to appear in the URL, in the title, in the first paragraph and in some internal tags. Google’s analytics teams don’t consider keyword density to be a relevant factor for ranking, so overusing them harms your page.

Organize your text

In the topic above, we just talked about the fluidity of the text so that the reader does not feel deceived or abandon your page, right? Well, besides that, you should also think about its organization. This means using the subtitles (H2 and H3) properly and maintaining the clarity of the text. Prefer shorter sentences and paragraphs.

Update your content

Do you have a well-ranked page that has outdated information about your company? Update it! If an old url receives a major content update, it shows to the search engine that the material is being improved to improve the user experience and assist it in a complete way.

The more the content is modified, the better the repercussion of the update will be. Therefore, the entire page must be updated, but it must be demonstrated that care was taken in updating the information, and not that the content has been completely replaced.

Review the relevance of the keywords used or include secondary keywords in the content, redo linkbuilding and recreate the meta description. The frequency of updates must accompany the level of importance of the keywords: when they are very competitive, it is essential that the process occurs more often. The URL, however, must remain the same.

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