Is it still worth having a blog on website in 2021? Find out now!

Is it still worth creating a blog in 2021? Many companies ask themselves this question today, since the blog is a tool that has been used for years in content marketing. This is an understandable question, so let’s start the text with the answer: yes, it is still worth creating a blog! But it’s just no use doing this without any planning, okay?

Why Have a Blog on Website?

Blogs have been used for years to engage readers and attract potential customers in content marketing and inbound marketing strategies. Thousands of publications have been produced by companies and indexed by Google.

Since then, many companies have created quality publications and helped their audience to resolve their doubts. As a result, they were able to attract visitors from Google’s organic search, build their authority and achieve marketing and sales goals.

It is with this mentality; therefore, that it is worth creating a blog. If there is quality content and a consistent strategy, aligned with marketing objectives, we can say: the blog has not died and continues to play an important role in marketing.

Social networks x blog

Over the years, several social networks have emerged and become popular. Many companies, instead of integrating these new ways of communicating with leads in their daily lives, ended up abandoning websites and blogs to focus on Instagram (or Facebook). Which can be a mistake.

While social networks are excellent relationship channels, the blog contributes mainly to generate traffic and authority. Therefore, they complement each other. One of the main advantages that blogs offer is improving your position on Google to attract more visitors. No other media, not even social media, is that efficient.

And almost 30% of web traffic is generated by search engines, which shows the potential for reach and traffic of this channel. As long as there are users interested in solving their queries in search engines, blogs will continue to be relevant.

Main advantages of the blog on your website

Having a blog offers numerous advantages for companies. If you are still not convinced that blogs are still relevant, we will now show you the main benefits of this channel for companies:

  • Build a connection with the target audience: the blog is able to bring brands and consumers together and strengthen ties throughout the entire buying journey.
  • Improve brand authority: Posting to a blog increases the chances of placing your brand in Google’s organic search results. After all, the more content you have on your website or blog, the more pages Google can index and display in users’ searches. A blog, with recurring publications, is one of the best tools for this.
  • Generate traffic and conversions: from the blog, you can also boost conversions on your site, which can be sales, leads or budget requests, for example.
  • Having your own channel: in social networks, content must follow the policies of each channel and are submitted to algorithms that limit its organic reach. A blog is a company’s own channel. You can assemble as you like and have complete freedom to publish the contents and use the formats you want.

That is: don’t leave it for later. Have you ever thought that if you don’t have a blog yet, you’re already losing thousands of visitors and business opportunities? If you need help, contact us!