Keywords In Copywriting: what is the ideal density for a content?

By: Vancouver SEO Consultant – Anney Ha

Keywords are essential elements for content development and search
engine rankings. However, its use is not totally unrestricted, it is always
necessary to deal with keyword density.

When doing an online search, Google’s algorithm (or other search
service) saves users time and delivers the best results. These results are
defined by the content and number of keywords. However, using the term
excessively is not the key to successful results: in fact, you have to have
optimal keyword density in the content.

And that is the role of keyword density, which defines how often the
keyword should appear. For example, an 800 word article with 1% to 2% keyword
density has an optimal amount of 8 to 16, so you avoid term overcrowding and a
fall in the ranking.

Why is keyword density important?

SEO is a strategy focused on optimizing your content to make your page
stand out in the results. Keyword density is one of the tools of this strategy
and is essential to define your site’s relevance to the algorithm.

After all, the more your content matches the user’s search, the more
likely you are to rank among the first few results. And beyond that, this ideal
keyword density gives authority for your site on the subject matter. Correct
keyword dosing gives the text cohesion and demonstrates understanding of the

How to reach optimal density

You should be practical in applying the keyword: it should be positioned
at specific points in your content – and even outside of it. Thus, in general,
it is interesting to include it:

* 1x in Title Tag;

* 1x in meta description;

* 1x in h1 (text title);

* 2-5x in content (worked coherently by text and subtitles).

  • Title Tag and Meta Description

Title tag is the title that appears on the results page, so it is one of
the most important elements for ranking. Within this logic, the external title
having the keyword increases the chances of being among the first results. The
meta description works the same way, with the keyword serving to capture the
user’s search.

  • H1 and text

The presence of the keyword in the main title refers a lot to the user
experience, so don’t be fooled. The application works in the same way: you
reaffirm your subject and make sure the user has found your answer.

Are there any SEO tools that can help?

Can I use a tool to calculate keyword density? Well, yes, there are
countless verification tools – and two, even, are from Google itself. A few
very well-known tools are:

* Google Correlate;

* Google Adwords;

* Ninjas;

* Seo Chat;

However, it is possible for you to calculate and set the optimal keyword
density yourself. Refer to the keyword density percentages for the platform
where you publish your content (which typically ranges from 2% to 5%).

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