How can a friendly URL help in Google ranking?

By: Vancouver SEO Consultant – Anney Ha

A friendly URL is the address or path that will lead the user to a particular page to check the content he/she wants. This path should be clearly defined, always thinking in technical SEO terms and user experience.

Check out the examples below and choose which of these address would get
more clicks:*


It’s quite likely that you chose the second one, isn’t it? The second
link is what we call the friendly URL, so now let’s get to know in depth what
it represents and how it helps to position websites on the first page of

But after all, what is a friendly URL?

When content is added to a blog or website within an online page, in
many cases a code is generated to name that page.

Some time ago, when the content was added, a random link was generated.
But with the advancement of technology and especially the concern with the user
experience, it was studied and realized the need to create a way that the user
could understand where he would be taken and what content was being accessed.

Within this need, then came what we call today the friendly URL.

Best practices for a friendly URL

In the page title, leave only the information that is important and relevant.
This information can b:, http or https, domain of the site and information
requested like “work with us”, “news” or even,

It should be something the user needs to remember and type easily if
they want to access your page again, other than through search engines, but by
typing in the full address of your page. With that in mind, they need to be
short and easy to read or even type. 

To help the user remember and also identify what the page content is,
remember to use the keyword that is directly related to the subject, which will
be dealt with on that page. This factor also helps in SEO optimization and at
the time of search by this term.

Use hyphens to separate terms when spaces need to be added. This helps
in the reading process, which will be on just one line, and can be found more
easily by Google as well. Also, avoid numbers and special characters.

The properly configured URL is also a synonym for security. When
checking a link within an email marketing, for example, if the URL is short,
clear and has the purpose of the page that the user will be directed to, it has
higher clickthrough rates than the link that has multiple special characters.

This is mainly because people are very afraid to click on a link that
will cause damage to their computer, as happens when their machine is infected
with viruses.

Does it help in Google Ranking?

An optimized URL is linked directly to the technical terms that are
required to make a page properly configured for SEO.

Using these best practices is a promise that on the site the user will
actually find the term you type in the Google search box, which brings more
relevance to the site, so it is important that the keyword is present here, as
we saw earlier. As Google considers your site more relevant, you can reach the
top positions of the search page, thereby increasing traffic to your site.

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