Why Hire a SEO Consultant for your Business?

SEO VancouverIt’s been a busy year and I had hardly had the time in writing another post, but tonight was just different. I believe in good energy. I was inspired by my son to write another blog post as he was playing with his building blocks.


I always receive email inquiries about businesses asking me “Why Should I hire you as an SEO consultant for my business?” or “What makes you different than other SEO Companies?” and even “What SEO services do you provide for my business?”

Well the answer is this:

1) First off, you would have not been searching on Google.ca to find a SEO Consultant if your website was doing well in search engines. So for you to be looking to hire help for your website to be found, you have started looking at the right direction.

2) Read this blog post that I wrote a while back ago to answer some preliminary questions: What is SEO? Why Use SEO and How SEO Helps Businesses Online?

3) Now, What makes me different than other SEO companies? see below.

Most importantly, is that I only take on two clients per profession throughout Canada. So two Accountants, two massage therapists…etc. So that your business is my main focus and not other competing business websites the same as yours.

Also I have over 8 years of internet marketing experience with many successful marketing websites. I come from a corporate marketing background and have grown to open up my own business in the past 4 years. It’s been very successful and I have my clients, friends and family to thank for and especially my Vancouver Chartered Accountant and mentor in giving me inspiring business practices.

4) For SEO Services, my packages are based on the website, the number of pages and your goals. To give a rough estimate my services start at $4,500 and up for 1 year of service with a minimum 6 month commitment.

Is this fits your marketing budget, then if you like I can give you a more detailed quote if you provide me goals of what you want to achieve. Particularly, what keywords are you wanting to achieve higher ranking in Google?

And when you mean by promotion, is it just your website to achieve higher rankings organically in Google? Are you looking to do social media and google adwords?

The more answers you can provide me the better I can give you an accurate quote for my seo services.

Therefore, please kindly send me an email at hianney{at}gmail{dot}com on the above answers and I’ll reply back to you within 24-48 hours.

Thank you for your interest in my SEO services and in reading this blog post.

Kind regards,
Anney Ha