How to Export Google Analytics into a Excel Document

Google Analytics is one of those must have’s for a website. It’s sole purpose is to gather information about visitor search traffic and to decipher the data collected to produce effective SEO marketing.

In order for a website to improve in organic search rankings you have to make edits and tweaks to a website page from looking at the analytics for better usability of a when the visitor lands onto the webpage. The bounce rate and exit rate should be low and duration of stay and pages per visit should be high for someone to make a goal conversion.  A goal conversion can be many call to actions on a website. Whatever that may be, ultimately the site needs to speak to the visitor and be engaged in the site.

So to end this short blog post and to help others with understanding Google Analytics data a little easier, I recently read a really good article on How to Export Google Analytics into a Excel Document by Mihai A. from It’s an amazing tool and it has helped me review my client’s website more effectively and efficiently. (I love Excel documents and spreadsheets!)