How to develop a website thinking about SEO from the start

Google currently receives about 100 billion searches every month. This makes the search engine the biggest source of online traffic, far surpassing the most popular social networks.

Because of this, any page that has a well-developed Digital Marketing strategy needs to create a website thinking about SEO in order to collect the majority of the public that may be interested in that product or service.

Want to know how to develop your website with SEO in mind? Then follow the reading of the article below!

Consider Google recommended SEO best practices

The greatest SEO specialist in the world is Google. After all, the company owns the algorithm of the largest search engine on the planet and knows exactly what must be done to gain prominence in it.

In addition, Google has every interest in people developing good sites and being able to serve users who do research well. However, what Google wants is for people not to learn “tricks” to rank first, but to produce valuable content. Therefore, all of its ranking factors take this into account.

In terms of building websites, it is important that you plan your page taking into account what Google thinks is positive. So, set up your project keeping in mind that your website needs:

  • be responsive;
  • have a fast charging time;
  • have all the information easily found;
  • have the meta tags well configured;
  • have Google friendly URLs.

Decide whether or not you want to use WordPress themes

If you are planning a website with SEO in mind, you will probably use WordPress to build it. If so, then you will need to decide whether or not to use themes in your project.

WordPress themes are, in a way, a pre-installed toolbox that makes your website easier to build. They can be free (usually with fewer functions) or paid, which are extremely versatile and positive for your business.

In terms of SEO, some paid themes have all the necessary coding for your site to be extremely friendly to Google, considering the loading time and several other factors. But, of course, this will cost you more.

The other option is to build your website from scratch. The advantage is that you have much more flexibility to do what you want. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of knowledge to be able to make a website thinking about SEO without being a professional programmer.

Audit and analyze your competitors

Imagine that you own a bakery in the Vancouver area. Who are your competitors? Probably other patisseries, coffee shops, bakeries. And what would you do to be able to stand out in the market? A good strategy would be to investigate your competitors (within the law, of course) and create products that stand out from your competitors.

In relation to SEO it is the same thing. The first step is to establish who your competitors are in terms of keywords and then do an audit of their website. The idea is that you can establish the standard of your competitors’ sites as the minimum acceptable for your development. This analysis will tell you what their average load time is, how they organize their URLs and so much other useful information so you can guide your development process.

Plan your content using smart organization

When organizing your website planning, it is important to ensure that everything is in the right places. For example, if you want Google to understand that your site offers services like personalized birthday cakes, then place the landing page for that service under the “What we do” tab. If you want Google to understand your contact numbers and links to your social networks, place them under the “Contact” tab.

These are the main tips for those who want to set up a website thinking about SEO. With these basic guidelines, it will be possible to create an acceptable work framework that will bear great fruit. So, did you like the content? So don’t forget to leave a comment with your opinion below!