Google Analytics Importance in SEO

For many years, I have met with businesses and reviewed their websites. Almost 90% of them have yet to know what client or who visits their website. Why build a face of their business online when they do not even care to know about their customers and where they are coming form. Do they even careĀ if customers are looking at their website or not?

Businesses do not know where they haveĀ spent the money on a website design to know if it works or not with search engines and if it is a return of investment (ROI) when it comes to online marketing. Many of which have no clue. Well that’s the reason why I wanted to point out that GOOGLE ANALYTICS is very important in SEO (search engine optimization).

Simply put: Google Analytics is a tracking tool developed by Google in helping website owners to track visitors behaviours and links that come into the website. It shows detailed visitor traffic information from visitor behaviours in tracking visitor trending pages to knowing which browser the visit is coming from, from which city, to from what keyphrase and more. It even shows how many visits your website is getting per day!

So if you’re planning to create a website design, be sure to add in Google Analytics to track your ROI on your website. So sign up for an account today at It’s easy to get started and to start tracking your visitors. It’s also a very important measuring tool for SEO consultants. As a Vancouver SEO consultant I use it on my client’s websites all the time. It’s the perfect tracking tool to measure my changes and successes.