Form Consent for Canada’s Anti-Spamming Legislation – Connecting with Anney Ha

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Dear Clients,

Electronic messages are the best ways for us to keep in touch about projects we’re working on together or to share relevant information.

In compliance with Canada’s Anti-Spamming Legislation (CASL), businesses are required to notify their contact list prior to July 1, 2014 to advise of future commercial electronic messages (CEMs — which may include, but is not limited to, correspondence by: email, web, VOIP, phone, social media, newsletter, or text) and to provide the opportunity to opt-out of such.

We kindly request your consent to continue communicating electronically by clicking on this link:

Any questions, please kindly let me know.

Also you may want to do this for your own business as well if you have newsletter contact lists. You’ll need to protect yourself.

For more information in regards to the Anti-Spam Legislation and to help answer some of your questions, read a very good blog post by Vancouver Chartered Accountants Mew & Company.

Thank you kindly,

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